Your Gifts In Action

The support you provide to Catholic Charities through your generous gifts offers those experiencing poverty real hope. Take some time to read a few short stories that represent just a fraction of the people you help every day.

Building strong beginnings at NCDC

April and childrenFor April and her husband Cleveland, bringing their daughters Amiah and Cayla to Catholic Charities’ Northside Child Development Center was one of their best parenting decisions. Read how you build foundations for familes

You help reunite families after hardship

Klo and family reunitedKlo Mai, 26, remembers cooking over an open fire in the refugee camp that was her makeshift home. What would seem like “roughing it” to most Minnesotans was all she knew. More on Klo Mai's journey to hope 

When Mitchell fell, you lifted him up

When Mitchell fell, you lifted him up“My story starts with Saint Paul,” Mitchell, 63, says. “When I first came here I ended up right in front of Mary Hall. I had no idea what it was.” But he did know he had no place to stay. Read how Mitchell overcame hardship

You help a homeless veteran find a safe place to sleep

"Iron" Mike at Dorothy Day CenterMike, 69, is both a former sailor and a U.S. Marine. His home, or the closest thing to it, is a thin mat on a hard floor at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center.More on Mike's quest for peace

You helped Theresa bounce back

Theresa at Dorothy Day CenterSometimes, hard work and education just aren’t enough protection from homelessness. Not when illness and tragedies can take everything you’ve worked for in one move after another. Read how Theresa bounced back

Helping Amanda

Amanda at Dorothy Day CenterAmanda has been at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center for one month—one long month. This is Amanda’s first time in a shelter. She hopes it is her last. "I’m not a person who would live in a shelter.”   More on Amanda's hope for a home

Roxy is truly George's best friend

Roxy is truly George's best friend Each night George and Roxy seek refuge beneath a bridge. The Dorothy Day Center can't provide the peace George needs. He said sleeping outside with Roxy is his best option, for now. More about George and his quest for a home

From homeless to counting blessings

You help those like Thomas and Yolanda work their way to independenceBy the looks of it, Thomas and Yolanda are a happy couple. But, it wasn’t long ago they were in a homeless shelter, suffering from health challenges and wondering if they would have the blessing of a house key again. Read more

You help Alen find a home in his hometown

Alen at Dorothy Day CenterSaint Paul has always been Alen’s home, but he can’t find a place he can afford to live there. He had a home, until his building was bought out, leaving Alen once again on the hunt for affordable housing. More about Alen's search for a home

Reaching out to build strong foundations

Desteni at Hope StreetBecause of you, a young mother can crawl in her bed each night and dream about her son’s future. She can spend her days caring for her young son and go to school and work. Read more about Desteni's dreams for the future

Grandmother able to enjoy the comfort of home

Ruth with photos of her familyOne day, 74-year-old Ruth hopped on a bus in South Dakota and knew one thing for sure. She needed to get home. Even while suffering from dementia, Ruth knew this was where she needed to be. Read Ruth's reason for gratitude

Shelter living tarnishes golden years

Jane at Dorothy Day CenterIt’s a scary thing, when a shelter is no longer a place driven past on a busy day, but the only thing separating you from being cold and hungry on the city streets. More about Jane's changed life

Sometimes, a letter in the mailbox can change a person’s life.

Akilah and NylahAkilah, a 25-year-old single mom in North Minneapolis received a letter notifying her she was making too much money and would no longer receive child care assistance.  Read Akilah's struggle for stability

You provide Ron a pathway out of poverty

You help people like Ron Ron goes by a few labels. Homeless is one he is working to leave behind. Ron has been experiencing homelessness since his daughter lost her apartment and he had no other place to sleep. More about Ron's hope for a home

Transportation paves the pathway out of poverty

Allen at Higher Ground

Allen is educated, hard working, experienced, homeless and stranded in poverty. Lack of transportation is keeping him from opportunity and self-sufficiency. Allen works full time on his pathway out of poverty.

Mother, son happy to find 'home sweet home'

Jayde and JaleelWalking through the doors of Jayde and Jaleel’s St. Paul apartment, the furnishings may seem sparse. Jayde doesn’t see what’s missing as much as she sees what she has. Read about Jayde and Jaleel's home sweet home

Greg has stability and a second chance thanks to you

Greg at Dorothy Day CenterGreg first came to Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center just after Christmas in 2013. He had just been evicted from his apartment he shared with a roommate who did not pay his portion of the rent. More about Greg's second chance

With your help, dreams come true

T Mychael Rambo

It’s a long way to go, from standing in line at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center and sleeping at Mary Hall to singing the national anthem for the president of the United States. Follow T. Mychael's amazing journey

Dave counts his blessings at Higher Ground

Dave at Higher GroundOn a cold January day, Dave entered the shelter at Higher Ground filled with wonderment that he—a college educated professional who had played by the rules—was lined up to sleep in a shelter. Read Dave's story of perserverance.

Thanks to you, Norma is home in time for Christmas dinner

NormaOn a cold, snowy day, Norma, 60, went from living in a six bedroom, four bathroom house to a bunk in the second floor women’s unit at Catholic Charities’ Dorothy Day Center.  Find out how Norma found hope.

You helped Bobby, now he helps others

Bobby helps othersCatch Bobby without a smile and you’re captured a rare moment. Catch Bobby when he’s not hard at work and you’ve witnessed something even more elusive. Read about Bobby's path out of poverty.

You gave Karl a place to lay his head

Karl in his own homeKarl slept on a mat at the Dorothy Day Center. He was one of the clients who helped set the mats out on the floor before bedtime. Each night, he would select the one in the corner, closest to the door. Read and watch Karl's story.

Opportunity Center provides link to jobs, housing and basic needs

John uses Opportunity Center to move out of povertyJohn, 48, uses the Opportunity Center for things he once took for granted. Access to these amenities is what affords John a chance at moving out of poverty, into employment and a home. More on John's journey out of poverty.

Because of you, a mother has a second chance

Sheila is on the path to self-sufficiency.Ask Sheila about the apartment she’s about to move into and she may break out into tears. Sheila, a 43-year-old mother of four has been on the bottom, but she is proudly, thankfully, cheerfully on the path to self-sufficiency. Get to know Sheila.

You gave Larry shelter from the streets

Larry grabs a chair from the coffee shop and sets up outside of  Al’s BreakfastYou might know Larry. He has a memorable face and voice. Larry has been a fixture in Minneapolis for decades. While you may know Larry, he had a much different life before Catholic Charities. Follow Larry's journey.

You gave Darcy a path to sobriety, health

Darcy on path to sobriety and healthDarcy remembers when he had his first taste of liquor. Alcoholism would take many things from Darcy over the years. It took his home, his job, his relationships and his health. Follow Darcy on his path to sobriety and health.

More stories of your gifts in action

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