2014 Catholic Charities Donor List

Our most heartfelt thanks to all our donors, whose investment in our work has allowed Catholic Charities to touch thousands of lives each year. You make all the difference!

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Caritas Society

Richard and Susan Anderson
Patrick and Sandy Baldwin
Greg and Maureen Barth
Edward Bazinet
Jane McDonald Black and Archie Campbell Black
Melville Bois
Ellen Bouslough
William Bronn and Margaret Little
Richard Brunning
Don and Sue Burns
Robert and Gail Buuck
Nicky B. Carpenter
James and Mildred Cashman
Sarah Cassidy
Warren and Theresa Christianson
Michael and Ann Ciresi
James Corcoran
Ronald and Joan Cornwell
Lila Cotten
Richard and Virginia Craven
Carlton and Ann Cronin
Kim and Carol Culp
J. Michael and Kim M. Dady
Ann Dayton
Mark and Linda Dalsin
Elizabeth Dalton
Jean DeCoster
David Delaney
Charles Denny
Michael and Mary Doshan
Genevieve Feltl
Matthew and Elizabeth Finn
Dennis and Toni Flaherty
James Foley
Patricia and Peter Frechette
Eugene and Mary Frey
James and Mary Frey
James Fuenffinger
Michael and Elizabeth Gorman
Michael and Kathleen Harrington
Winnifred Harstad
John and Betty Haskins
Philip and Maureen Heasley
Sally Heimerman
Kenneth and Mary Herriges
James and Julie Gasper
Thomas and Libby Horner
Mark Jarboe and Patricia Kovel-Jarboe
Catherine Keane
John and Paula Kelly
Roger and Patricia Kerber
Janet King
David and Barbara Koch
Edward and Julianne Kocourek
Paul and Julianne Kollitz
Carlo and Virginia LaManna
Rita Lamoureux
Richard Lang
Florence Larkin
Larry and Jean LeJeune
Allen and Kathleen Lenzmeier
Gregory and Emily Mailand
Margery Martin
Pete and Addie May
Lawrence and Andrea McGough
Stuart and Christine McKenna
John and Theresa McKeon
Thomas and Mary McKeown
Harry McNeely, Jr.
Donal and Diane Mulligan
John and Margaret Newcome
F. Gerald and Monica Nilles
Jack Helms and Kate Noelke-Helms
Kevin and Ann O'Connor
Thomas and Marcia Ochs
Rudolph and Mary Olson
Chuck and Evelyn Pallas
Stuart and Margery Pihlstrom
Steven and Peggy Polacek
Mark and Karen Rauenhorst
William and Joan Reiling
John and Mary Ann Remick
Kent and Muriel Roessler
John and Lois Rogers
Patrick and Ann Ryan
Terry and Ann Sandvik
Gary and Patricia Sauer
Walter Sawicki
Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn
Guy and Barbara Schoenecker
Gerald and Susan Schwalbach
David Scott and Barbara Scott
Beth Segal
Brian and Kathleen Short
Marion Short
William Sias
Emil and Emily Slowinski
Alice Stang
Jack and Nan Steger
Nicholas and Rosemary Stevens
Mark and Kathleen Tansey
John and Patricia Thomas
Donald and Dolores Traxler
Jeff and Noelle Turner
Jeffry and Nancy Twidwell
Susan Valo
Karen Viskochil
Lucian Vorpahl
James and Elizabeth Watkins
Irma Weber
Donna Welsh
David and Colleen White
Christine Wolohan
Charles and Joan Young

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Individual Donors $1,000+

* denotes Board member


Patrick and Sandy Baldwin
James and Julie* Gasper
The Carlo J. LaManna Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Allen and Kathleen Lenzmeier
Gerald and Monica Nilles Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

$25,000 - 49,999

Jane McDonald Black* and Archie Campbell Black
Ronald and Joan Cornwell
Carlton and Ann Cronin
Joe and Megan Deignan
Dennis and Toni Flaherty
James and Mary Frey
Laurence and Jean LeJeune through the LeJeune Family Foundation
The Andrea and Larry McGough Donor Advised Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Donal and Diane Mulligan
Thomas and Marcia Ochs
Charles and Evelyn Pallas through The Kinney Foundation
Otto C. Winzen Charitable Endowment Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
The Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation
John and Mary Ann Remick
John and Lois Rogers
Donald and Dolores Traxler
Tom and Gloria Wesely

$10,000 - 24,999

Greg and Maureen Barth
Edward Bazinet
Robert Bilotta, Sr.
Peter Butler
The Buuck Family Foundation
Carl Casale
James and Mildred Cashman
The Sarah Cassidy Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Michael and Ann Ciresi
Kathleen Cooney* and Robert LaBombard
Thomas and Carol DeLisle
The Charles M. Denny Jr. and Carol E. Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
William Dickey and Karen Steiner
Keith and Louise Fester
Kevin Filter and Rosemary Kessler
Matthew and Elizabeth Finn of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Edward and Julie Flaherty
William and Bonita Frels
Ellen Gallagher
Michael and Marie Gallagher
Michael and Elizabeth Gorman
Robert and Mina Harrigan
John and Betty Haskins
The Heimerman Family Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Kenneth and Mary Herriges
J. Robert and Mildred Hoffmann
John and Mary Kenney
Roger and Patricia Kerber Charitable Gift Account of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Edward & Julianne Kocourek Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Douglas and Patricia Lewis
Doreen Martin
Pete and Addie May
Leo & Mary Kaye McGough Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Stuart and Christine McKenna
Harry McNeely, Jr.
Lawrence and Janice Merck
Laura* and David Newinski
The Lisa and John Nicotra Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation
The Most Reverend John Nienstedt*
The Jack and Kate Helms Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
O'Connor Family Gift Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Dorothy Ollmann
Michael and Colleen Osgar
Scott* and Gretchen Pollei
Kirk and Nancy Reilly
Andrew Remick
Alice Rice
The Roessler Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Rosemarie Rosengren
William and Martha Saul
Walter Sawicki
Rachael Scherer and Stephen Imholte through the Baci Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Guy and Barbara Schoenecker
The Jean and Mark Schroepfer Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Brian and Kathleen Short
Marion Short
Daniel and Lana Sloan
Alice Stang
Jack and Nan Steger
Michael and Jane Stellmacher
Nicholas and Rosemary Stevens
Anthony and Ashley Sugalski
Jeff and Noelle* Turner
The Karen Viskochil Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Donna Welsh
Matthew and Alex Wenninger
The William and Ann Hart Wernz Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Sunny Wicka
Christine Wolohan

$5,000 - 9,999

Abele Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
James and Julia Adams
The M. George and Gloria V. Allen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Richard and Lisa Anderson
Dick and Catherine Anderson
Frederick and Mary Ellen Angell
Thomas* and Nancy Arata
Robin Ayers
Dennis and Jerrice Barrett
Richard and Rita Berens
Norbert and Marilyn Berg
Don and Sue Burns
Steven Burrill
James Burt and Margaret Arms-Burt
Brian and Mary Louise Campion
Nicky B. Carpenter
Paul Cavallo
Anthony and Bonnie Coffey through the Steven and Helen Masica Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Jan Conlin and Gene Goetz
James Cracchiolo
J. Michael and Kim M. Dady
Mark and Linda Dalsin
John and Joy DeHarpporte
James and Ann Determan
Terrance* and Susan Dolan
Clinton and Beth Doroff
Gregg and Mary Dourgarian
W. Ted and Marianne Dudley
Douglas & Kathleen Eiden Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Neil and Margaret Evenson
David and Lynn Evinger
Donald Fern
Guy Formichella
The William and Leah Franke Family Foundation of Raymond James Charitable Fund
The Robert and Sally Fritz Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Julie and Michael Gerend
Ronald and Elizabeth Girouard
The Joseph and Florence Francis Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Alice Mae Graner
Michael and Stephanie Greene
Michael and Patti Gregerson
Jerome and Naomi Grohovsky
The Grundtner Family Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Joseph and Corky Gryskiewicz
Martha Head and the Head Family Foundation
Michele and Andy Herring Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Joseph and Shelly Hoesley
Mary Hogan-Schiltgen
Thomas and Libby Horner
Gary and Roberta Houle
Francis & Patricia Jilk Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
James and Lois Johnson
Steven and Cynthia Johnson
Paul Jungquist
Randall and Elizabeth Kahnke
John* and Paula Kelly
Laura King*
Lucetta Klos
Douglas and Susan Kmetz
Roseann and Blane Kolb
Paul and Julianne Kollitz
Christine Kraft and Nelson Capes
Dennis and Diane Kuss
Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
A. P. and Katherine Leighton
Thomas and Sheila Letscher
Dan and Wendy T. Levene
Sheila and John Lohmann, Jr
Marcia Lowe
Marilyn Lundberg
Gregory and Emily Mailand
Patrick and Patricia McAdaragh
William and Kathryn McCarthy
Anonymous through the McDevitt Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
Katherine McKenzie
Daniel and Heidi McKeown
Thomas and Mary McKeown
Alvin and Mary Agnes McQuinn
John and Margaret Newcome
James and Marjorie O'Hara
The Rhonda & Rory O'Neill Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Timothy and Beverley Ostertag
Richard and Mary Ostlund
Marie* and Raj Pillai
Richard and Mary Pokorny
Paul and Constance Ratelle
Donald and Jean Regan
Richard and Shelly Renner
Audrey and Michael Ricci, Sr.
Daniel* and Kristi Riley
Keith and Lois Rinderknecht
James* and Helen Rockwell
Gerald and Katherine* Roehl
Terry and Ann Sandvik
Timothy and Mary Scanlan
Margaret Scheller
Patricia Scherber
Richard and ReJean Schulte
Lorraine Sitarz
Robert and Patti Spinner
Peter Spokes
Warren and Mary Staley
Daniel and Susan Statsick
Robert and Jean Steffen
Gregory and Angela Steininger
Thomas and Roma Stocks
Thomas Stuart
Julie and Bob Sullivan
Carol Tauer
The Michael and Gloria Thurmes Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
John and Bonnie Treacy
Jeffry and Nancy Twidwell
Matt and Sue Wagener
Anthony Walsh
Rosemary Walsh
David and Colleen White
Thomas Wilhelmy
Kathleen Wittinger
Paul and Bernarda Zenker

$2,500 - 4,999

Ellen Abeln* and Christopher Knoedler
Jarod* and Renee Allerheiligen
Elliot and Renee Amundson
James* and Kathleen Anderson
Thomas and Sharon Auth
The Walter J. and Ann Baillon Family Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
James and Mary Bassett
John and Sally Battaiola
David and Nancy Baune
Vincent and Lucia Beacom
Thomas and Susan Bengtson
Michael and Keri Berger
Robert and Martha Blenkush
James and Julianne Borchart
William Bronn and Margaret Little
Brian and Marsha Burgeson
Paul and Elaine Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cannon of the Cannon Family Foundation
Joel and Alexandra Cannon
Roger Carlson
James and Mary Lou Carney
Peter Carter*
Ellen Coffey
Kevin and Catherine Conneely
Jeffrey and Melinda Cotton
Patrick and Louise Croke
Matthew S. Barnes and Ann M. Curoe Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust
The Colleen Curran Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Rory and Ane-Grethe Delaney Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund
John and Sandra Dempsey
Robert Devereaux
Dan Dodds
Mary C. Dolan through the Longview Foundation
Mary Claire Doyle
Mary Anne Dyer
Michael Easter
Thomas and Sandy Ehlers
Joseph and Karen Eichten
Vincent and Barbara Eichten
Richard and Patricia Erickson
Mae Ertelt
Joanne and Dave Faulise Charitable Fund of the Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Susan Fleitman
Anthony and Marsha Floeder
Reverend Francis Fried
Jean Froehle
Robert and Charlotte Gavin
Robert and Virginia Gerten
Larry and Georgene Gillespie
Daniel and Nancy Gislason
Audrey Glynn
Paul and Annette Goff
Mary Ann Goschy
Joleen and Thomas Greene
Lorraine Gresser
John and Theresa Griep
Jody Gunderson
Paul and Lisa Haller
Joseph and Janice Hallman
Lorraine Hart
The Hawkins Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Fr. Robert Hazel
John and Gretchen Healy
John and Julie Heinmiller
Claude and Jane Heither
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Hilger
Gary and Celine Horn
Dennis and Bettina* Hoye
Ronald and Lois Huemoeller
Johannes and Kathleen Huyen
Mark Jarboe and Patricia Kovel-Jarboe
Michael Jereczek
Helen Johnson
Raymond and Vickie Johnston
Susan A Keiser
Thomas and Mary Kelly
Thomas and Maureen Kent
Paul and Janice Klaus
John* and Maureen Knapp
John and Janet Knip
John Kokesh
Allan and Elaine Kolles Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Lawrence and Rose Kopras
David Kramer
Matt Kramer*
Margaret Ladner and Clifton Brittain
Kathleen Lamb
Kent and Jean Larson
George Latimer
The Leatherman Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Patrick and Angela Lee
Michael and Karen Linn
J. Brent and Lesley Longval
Mary Kathleen Lund
Robert Lunieski
Virginia Lupo
John Machuzick
Frank and Regina Maguire
Philip Mahowald
Mary Ellen Malone
Marc and Kathy Manderscheid
Joseph and Patricia Margarit
William Marinelli and Christine Cox
Tina Martin and Jeffrey Nelson
Paul and Linda Martodam
Tim* and Monica Marx
John and Virginia McCanna
John and Louise McCarten
Robert and Mary McCarthy
Michael and Donna McCormick
Brian and Katy McGrane
Thomas and Susan McGuire
Darwin McKeen
John and Theresa McKeon
Christine Meuers and Steven Rau
Glen and Debbie Meyer
Mary Michaels
William Mikkelson
Bennett and Sharon Morgan
Bruce and Catherine Moyer
Margaret Murphy*
Samuel Myers* and Sheila Ards
Lisa Neese
Charles and Karilyn Norton
Tim and Francine O'Brien
Thomas and Andrea Oden
Jeffrey and Julie Oseid
Henry and Iris Osekowsky
John and Roswitha Ossanna
Katherine Payne
Robert and Molly Perry
Gregory and Debra Ann Peterson
LeRoy and Cecilia Piche
Rodney and Darla Priebe
Karl Puterbaugh
William Reichert
Michael and Theresa Reinarts
Kathleen Rice
Joseph and Julie Salvatori
Ronald and Ann Sapieszko
John Scanlon, III
Marcia Scheele
Thomas Schreier
Mary and Robert Scott
Thomas and Patricia Sexton
William Sias
Richard and Natalie Sitarz
Stephen and Susann Stenbeck
Mary Stienessen
Thomas and Virginia Stillwell
Brian and Mia Sullivan
Steve and Joan Sullivan
Kenneth and Helen Swanson
Donald and Colleen Theissen
Becky Thorson and Joe Donnelly
John and Theresa Thurmes
Darrell and Mary Tukua
Paul and Amy Vargo
Ronald and Judith Vessey
Wagner Family Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Irma Weber
Alan and Mary Weingart
John and Annette Whaley
Mary Whiting
John Wiebold and Hilllary Panowitsch
John and Margaret Wiehoff
Michael and Ann Wilczynski
Bernard and Jane Worth
Kevin Busch and Susan Wyble
James and Kathleen Zavoral
Paul and Rebecca Zech

$1,000 - 2,499

Lucinda Aaker
Leslie Ahlers
Diane Amell
Robert and Renee Amundson
Annette Anderson
Danese Anderson
David and Joan Anderson
James and Mary Anderson Fund of the Schwab Charitable Fund
Mary Anderson
Mary Anderson
Richard and Liz Anderson
Richard Anderson
John and Elsie Andraschko
David and Debbie Andrews
Russell and Barbara Andrews
Ruth Arneson
Merrill and Barbara Asbury
Mary Aubart
Raymond and Alice Auer
Brian Avery
Philip and Nancy Ayotte
Joseph and Sandra Badalucco
Timothy and Cammy Baer
Gordon and Josephine Bailey
Caroline Baillon
David and Mary Jo Bangasser
Paul and Julie Banker
Matthew and Jean Bannick
Keith and Ann Bares
Phillip and Michelle Barry
Robert Barten
Stephen and Mary Battista
Rodger Bauman
John Becker
Marilyn Beddor
James and Patricia Behrenbrinker
Peter J. Bell
Gerard Berenz
Tracy Berglund
Adina Bergstrom
Richard and Cathleen Bernard
Luigi and Colette Bernardi
John Bernier, Jr.
Richard and Dolores Berquist
Bill and Judith Bertrand
Daniel Bigaouette
Craig and Kathy Binger
Gordon and Diann Bird
Dava Bishop
Archie and Patricia Black
David and Diane Blake
Mr. Thomas Blessing
Kerrianne Blevins
Robert and Jacqueline Blossom
Stephen and Marcia Boatwright
Daniel and Marilyn Boeckermann
Joseph Bohlke
Norrine Bohman
Edward and Margaret Bonach
Ronald and Mary Booth
Richard and Mary Brainerd
Neil and Colleen Bratney
Thomas Brix
David and Kay Bromelkamp
Carroll Brooks
Gerald Brost
Kathy Browning
Maryann Bucko
Todd and Natalie Buelow
David Buerkle
Adelaide Bullock
The John and Nancy Burbidge Charitable Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund
Cecelia Burgwald
Daniel and Jeanne Burke
Lee and Marguerite Burke
William and Joan Burkhardt
Mary F. Butler
William Butler
The Cecelia M. Goswitz Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Barbara Byrne
Philip B. Byrne
Julio and Genevieve Calvillo
Joan Campbell
John and Paula Campbell
Judy Candell
Richard and Jennie Carlson
John and Margaret Carney
George Casper
Timothy Cassidy and Gloria Rice
Therese Cermak
Joseph Cherian
Gerald and Ginger Chezik
Charles and Terry Chism
Ronald Chladek
Dr. Robert and Nancy Christensen
The Christopherson Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Robert and Suzanne Claeys
Larry and Pat Clemens
Samuel and Mary Cleveland
John Coleman
Terrence and Joyce Colleran
Daniel and Catherine Condon
Donald and Carmen Conlin
Ray and Jo Connelly
Timothy* and Leslie Connelly
Mary Connolly
James Conway
Peter and Mary Jo Conzemius
Robert and Nancy Cooper
Val and Kathleen Coppo
Mary Ann Corbey
Carol Cosgrove
Dennis Cousins
Laurence and Naomi Crepeau
David and Cathy Crowell
Colleen Culhane
Hugh and Melissa Cullen
Patrick and Margaret Cullen
Christopher and Ingrid Culp
Kim and Carol Culp
Mary Cyr Allton
Christiana and Aric Czarnowski
Jeanne J. Dahlin
Stephen and Teresa Dalsin
Dennis and Sheila Daly
John Damrow and Michele Naze-Damrow
Kathleen Danaher
William Darst
George Daum and Carol Daum
Douglas and Jackie Davidson
Ernest and Catherine Dawson
Edward and Sherry Dayton
Paul and Paula Deakins
Andrew and Patricia Deckas
Tim and Bev Decker
David Delaney
Bernard DeLaRosa
Steven Dellwo
Leo and Dolly DeSouza
Mary DesRoches
Rick Diehl and Delia Sonnenburg
Anne and Stephen DiFiore
Tom Dipasquale and Rosanne Pera
Mark and Janet Ditter
Michael and Lorna Dobihal
Helen Doherty
Jane Doherty
William Dolan
Stephen Donohue
Robert and Gail Dorr
Kathy and Steve Dougherty
Mary Doyle
Dan and Joyce Driessen
Jerry and Nancy Driessen
Denis Duchesne and Elisabeth Lemieux
Beverly Dumas
Brian Duncan
Ethel Dunn
Karen Durant
Frances Duritsa
Frank and Patricia Dutke
Stephen and Sandra Dvorsky
Catherine and Joseph Earley
John Earney
Michael Ellingsworth
Michael and Mary Jo Elliott
Burnham and Marian Elton
Gregory and Elizabeth Engel
Susan and William Engel
James and Colleen Engels
Thomas and Sharon Engels
Richard and Bridget Engler
Carol Engstrom
James and Diane Erdman
Mary Erhard
Pamela and Stephen Erler
Christine Esckilsen
Eric and Diane Evander
Leah and Robley Evans
Kurt Fasen
JoAnne Feldmeier
Gerald Fenlon
Michael Fincher
The Finley Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Janice and John Finnegan, Jr.
Rosemary Finnegan
Caren Fitzgerald
John and Dora Fitzgerald
Reverend John Fitzpatrick
Maureen and Patrick Flahaven
Barbara Fleig
John and Rebecca Floersch
Paula Fluck
David Fluegel
Most Rev. Harry Flynn
Peter Foley
Thomas and Donna Fontana
Michael and Jenny Formanek
James Fortwengler
Annette Frawley
Margaret Frederickson
Irene Fredrickson
Dan and Cathy French
Steve and Jennifer Frenz
Carol Frey Wolfe and Daniel Wolfe
Norman Friberg
Robert and Beverly Friedheim
James Fuenffinger
Karen Fussy
Victoria Gabler
Thomas and Janan Gainor
James Galarneault
Mary Gallivan
Patricia Gandolfo
Craig Garrett and Kendra Garrett
Patrick Gaughan
Randall and Leslie Geerdes
Charles and Muriel Geisen
Margaret George
Shirley Gerlach
Gary and Joan Geurts Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Timothy and Shawn Gibbons
Paul and Joan Gibson
Thomas Glodek
Ricky Goettl
James Goetz
Leo Goodrich
Joseph and Visala Goswitz
Anne Gottwalt
Leon and Patricia Grahn
Thomas and Susan Grande
Hendrie and Lori Grant
Timothy and Mary Gray
Charles and Gail Gregory
Robert Gren
Jerry and Kathy Gretsch
Barbara and James Grieman
Sara Gross Methner and David Methner
Jennifer Grudnowski and Prem Shunmugavelu
Jerome and Elvira Grundmayer
John P. Guider
Tony Guisinger
Michael and Michelle Gust
Wayne Haag
Frank Hable
Mr. Lawrence Haeg
Anna Haen
Joseph Hager
Daniel and Pamela Halbakken
Chris and Mary Hanauska
Thomas W. Handley
Michael and Laurie Hankee
Floyd and Sally Hansen
Mary Hansen
Michael Harnetty
Kimberly and Kelly Harrison
Charles Hartl
David and Julie Hartung
Robert and Mary Harvey
Robert and Lori Haselman
Alfred Hauwiller
Scott Haws
Thomas and Becky Hayes
Thomas and Judith Heimerman
Robert Heinzen and Jody Heinzen
John and Alvina Heller
Jan Henkels
Edward and Nancy Hennen
Richard and Ann Heppelmann
Wayne and Marjorie Hergott
Jeffrey and Ann Marie Herickhoff
Peter Herzog
John Hirsch
Thomas and Laura Hockert
Jerome and Mary Ann Hoffman
Lisa Hoglund
The Thomas and Patricia Holloran Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Thomas and Barbara Holmgren
Roderick and Kathie Hood
Roderick and Angela Hood
James Horan and Eileen Horan
Robert M. Howard
Thomas Hubler* and Joy Peterson Hubler
Robert and Joyce Humboldt
Robert and Patricia Hunstad
John and RoseMary Hunt
Kathryn Hunt
Thomas and Rebecca Hutchinson
Patricia Hvidston and Roger Opp
Marlow Illg
Mark Jacobson and Jill Conda
Douglas and Laura Jaeger
Michael Janke
William and Kara Jeter
Mark Jirik
Clifford and Beverly Johnson
Jeffrey and Cheryl Johnson
Lucie Johnson
Lynette Johnson
Phyllis Johnson
Thomas and Darlene Johnston
John and Mary Jones
Tom Jones
Ronald Jorgenson
James and Gloria Joyce
Thomas Joyce and Annette Atkins
Jeffery and Mary Jo Joyer
Rita Kach
David and Elizabeth Kaluza
Michael and Joan Kane
Richard Kapela
Gerald and Judy Karel
Drew Karnick and Julie Karnick
Robert and Donna Kasbohm
Kurt and Gina Kastel
David and Janice Kastelic
Michael and Linda Kautzky
Catherine Keane
Leslie and Thomas Keane, DDS, M.S.
Daniel Kegley and Terese Kegley
J. Edward and Jean Kellogg
David Kelly and Kristine Larsen-Kelly
Mary Kelly
Mechelle R. Kelly
Bill and Patricia Kelly Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Kelvin Kemmer
Paul and Kathryn Kempainen
Robert and Jean Kennedy
Matthew Kenney
The Robert E. and Margaret M. Keppel Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
Thomas Kestner
Daniel Kettleson and Maureen Kettleson
Raymond Kieser
Kiffmeyer Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Margaret Kimrey
The King Family Foundation of The Saint Paul Foundation
Richard King
Roger and Jean King
David and Paula Kirsch
Michael and Debra Kirst
Gregory and Karin Kishel
Julie Kissler
Tom and Meg Klecker Fund of the U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
John Klein
Eugene and Barbara Kluk
Regina and Richard Knowles M.D.
Mary and James Koepke
Michael and Willen Korkowski
Walter Kost
Jodeen and Nicholas Kozlak
John and Barbara Krenn
Thomas and Mary Krick
Edgar Kroner and Janice Mahony
Mark and Sara Kronholm
Julie Krueger
Dennis and Christine Kudelka
Valerian and Carolyn Kuechle
Sophie Kuehn
Susanne Kueppers
Keith and Toni Kuffel
Susan Kujava
Duane and Pamela Kunkel
James and Jan Kunz
The Dr. James W. LaFave and Gail O. LaFave Fund of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Joan Lapensky
Julianne Lapensky
Joel and Michelle Larkin
Mary LaRock
Al Larson
Joseph Lasnier and Denise Hunninghake
Gregory and Mai-Tram Lauer
Lloyd and Jean Laumann
Brian and Jane Lavin
Joseph and Teresa Lawder
Peter and Monica Lawyer
Alan and Marianna Lee
Andrew and Suzanne LeFevour
Sean and Sarah Lentz
Robert and Avis Lenz
David and Mary Jo Lenzen
Michael and Dyana Lewis
Mark Lex
Margaret Linvill Smith
Luke Litteken and Lisa Litteken
Mary Kay Locher
Mary Lockner
Randy Longsdorf
Lawrence Loomis
Edward and Mary Lorentz
Frank and Janet Lynch
Richard and Jean Lynch Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Kirk and Kathleen MacKenzie
Kevin and Virginia Magee
Ruth Mahon
Brian D. Mahoney and Nancy Collins
Thomas* and Mary Jo Mahowald
Marjorie and Wilbur Maki
Peter and Lynn Mallinger
Mary Maltese
Earl and Sheila Manley
Judy Marchetti
Deacon Stan and Darlene Marczak
Mary Marette
Cheryl Speeter Margoles
Jeffrey and Sharon Markowitz
John I. Marshall
Joseph Martin and Bonnie Theis
Richard Martinez* and Sarah Hudleston
Mary and Mark Matecki
Gilbert and Lillian Mathews
Michael and Bonnie Mathews
The John & Mary Anne Mauriel Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Steve May and Kelly May
John and Betty McCain
Patrick and Pamela McDavitt
William and Virginia McDonald
Hugh McElroy
John and Monica McGill
Edward and Rosemary McGlynn
Charles and Nancy McGoldrick
Elizabeth McGrory
Richard and Deborah McGuire
Barbara McIlquham
Dennis and Beverly McMahon
Paul McRoberts
John and Molly McShane
Joyce Medrud
Anne Meger
Mary Meidl
John and Kim Melina
Gregory and Barbara Melsen
Mr. Joseph Metzger
Phyllis Meyer
Thomas and Catherine Mich
John and Lynn Miller
Paul Miller
Patrick and Karen Minger
John and Geri Minton
Dan Misgen
William and Jenine Molohon
M. Michael and Shawne Monahan
Timothy and Kimberly Montgomery
Jeanie Mooney
Richard and Julie Moore
Terrance Moravec
Francis and Betty Moriarty
Gerald and Karen Morris
Wayne and Nathaleen Mosey
Thomas and Ethel Muchlinski
Peggy Murphy
Philip Murphy
Benjamin Murray
Margaret Murtaugh
John and Pat Myser
Ann and George Nemanich M.D.
Michael Newburg
Thomas and Elinor Nicklawske
Alvera Niebur
Richard and Mary Nigon
Dr. James and Mary Noreen
Charles and Catherine Norgard
Patrick and Elizabeth Nunnally
Alta Oben
Marvin O'Connell
Roy O'Connor
Shawn and Rebecca O'Grady
Sheryle Ohme
Richard Olson M.D. and Florence Olson
Rudolph and Mary Olson
Kevin O'Malley
Ryan O'Neill and Kathleen Keane
Anthony and Jean Ouellette
Henry and Betty Owen
Shara and Manuel Pace
Chris and Laurie Paidosh
The G. Richard and Peggy Palen Foundation of the Saint Paul Foundation
Kevin and Catherine Palmer
Tina and Mike Palmer
Stephen and Jana Patrick
Frederick Paul III and Susan Engh-Paul
Gregory and Laura Peichel
Peichel Family Charitable Foundation Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
John and Sylvia Pepin
Joseph and Dorothy Pertz
Carol and Michael Petersen
Jay and Micki Petersen
Daniel Peterson
Raphael Piaton
Warren Planitzer
Douglas and Mary Platt
Vincent and Marcia Pletcher
James Polnaszek
Arthur and JoAnne Popehn
The Antoine and Simone Poppelaars Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Michael and Margery Powers
Joan Prairie
Michael and Tracy Presseller
Paul and Molly Prew
William Prince
Gregory and Michelle Pulles
Timothy Quinn
A. Eugene and Pat Radecki
Dorothy Raetz Kunze
Thomas and Mollie Raih
Dale and Mary Ramert
Raymond Ramusack
Thomas and Deborah Ratelle
Douglas and Deborah Reetz
Patrick and Mary Regan
Erik and Jennifer Renaud
John and Ann Renckens
Dr. Steve Resman
Clarence and Debora Rezac
Lisa Lillian Richerson
Jerome and Ann Richgels
Lowell and Beverly Rieks Jr.
Andrew and Patricia Ries
Mr. John Rimstad
Mary Rimstad
Todd and Anne Ringgenberg
Monica Rivard
Michael Robach
Anne Robbins
Judith Robertson
Scott and Terese Robinson
Carol Rodakowski
Kristen Roden
Eugene and Sharon Rodi
Richard and Marie Rodier
Don Romanaggi
Rita Ronayne
Martin Rongitsch
Lucy Rooney
Rebecca Rose
Kenneth and Teresa Rowe
Curtis and Joan Roy
Terry and Paula Rozinka
Roy and Diane Rueb
John and Sara Russell
Edwin and Jennifer Ryan
Mr. John Ryan
John and Susan Ryan
Mark Ryan
Patricia Ryan
Eugene and Mary Sabaitis
Samuel and Cecilia Salas
Leo and Patricia Samson
Dean and Kathleen* Sanberg
Patrick and Kim Sandretzky
Steve and Karen Sanger
Santrach Family Gift Trust of the Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Robert and Kathleen Sather
John and Audrey Saunders
The John and Carole Sayer Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
Scott and Ellen Sayer
Allen and Judy Schefers
Gregg and Susan Scheid
Georgia Schellhaass
Bernard and Agnes Schepers
Beatrice and Vincent Scherber
Kristopher and Georganne Scherer
Michael and Susanne Scherer
Ronald Schiferl and Melissa Miller
Christopher Schlagel
Laurie Ohmann Schley and Douglas J. Schley
Bernice Schlosser
Douglas and Nancy Schmid
Joe and Christi Schmitt
James and Carol Schneider
Monica Schneiderman
Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn
Gregory and Julie Schoen
Sharon Schrantz
Harold and Beverly Schreifels
Bernadette Schroeer
Sharon Schroeer
Rosemary Schultz
The Richard M. and Sandra J. Schulze Family Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Donn Scroggins
Dick Seidenstricker
John and Mary Severson
Jerry and Marilyn Sexton
Timothy and Lou Anne Sexton
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Seymour Fund of Evercore Trust Company
Audrey and Earl Shamp
Jim and Rachel Shands
Lawrence and Kathleen Shearon Family Charitable Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust
Mark Sheffield
Larry Simon
Dorothy Simonet
Michael and Adrienne Sirany
Joel E. and Debra Sivula
Agnes Skelton
Ann Skoglund
Jeffery and Helene Slocum
Robert Small
Mary Ann Smith
Richard and Nancy Solum
Bruce and Gloria Soma
Brett and Jessica Sorensen
Ellen and Arne Sovik
Ella Spanjers
John Spanjers
Wallace and Jeanette Stangler
Gary and Dona Stanull
Mary Jane Steinhagen and Robert Veitch
Max and Mary Steininger
Therese Steppel
Miles Stimac
David and Preethi Stolpman
William Stolzman
Richard and Janet Stout
Robert and Anne Strachota
Mark and Joan Strobel
Rupert and Jeanne Strobel
Janet Sullivan
Michael and Marilyn Sullivan
Thomas and Mary Ann Sullivan
Mark and Rosanna Svobodny
Mary Swann
Donald Swanson
John and Kate Swanson
Marcia Swanson
Patricia Swanson
Scott Swenson and Cynthia Baier
Mary Swierczek
Albert and Diane Swintek
James Szyman
Alice Szymanski
Timothy Talbot
Robert and Susan Tennessen
Richard and Gertrude Tepe
Richard Tessier
David Thomas
Kirstin Thomas
Paul Thomas
James and Janice Thornton
Patricia Tieskoetter
The Tiffin Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation
William and Eldean Tingerthal
Peter and Kari Toensing
Chris and Julia Tollafield
Claudia and Jeffrey Tornquist
Donald and Joan Totzke
Michael and Becky Tracy
Michael and Michele Traeger
Peter and Cynthia Tritz
Victor and Kathleen Tschida
Helen Twomey
Michael Utz
Thomas and Joan Van Sloun
Suzanne and Lawrence Vanden Plas
Daniel and Suzanne Vanderweyst
Thomas and Joan Varley
Susan Vento
Gordon Vetsch
Mary Lee Vetter
Norman and Karen Vinnes
Michael and Maureen Vitt
Lucian Vorpahl
Michael Vraa and Sonja Short
Craig Wageman
Michael and Janet Wagner
David Wagy
Thaddeus and Nancy Walczak
John Wald and Marianne Remedios
James and Lynn Wangen
Herbert and Lori Ward through the Charles Allen Ward Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation
Jay Ward
Kelley and William Warner
Margaret Wassermann
Watson Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
Gary and Linda Wax
Bruce and Alisa Weber
Edward Wegerson and Mary Simonett-Wegerson
Sven Wehrwein and Mary Ann Dorsher
Roy Weigel
Arnold and Anne Weimerskirch
Elaine Weismann
Timothy and Elizabeth Welsh
Phyllis Welter
Joseph and Charlotte Wentzell
Christopher Werle
Thomas Wernimont
Steven and Michelle Westrich
Ed and Betty Wheeler
Roger Wherry
Caroline White
James and Mary Ann White
Helen Wilkie
Stephen Willging and Katherine Wells
Reynold Willie
David and Denise Wilson
Kenneth and Ruth Wilson
Miles and Sue Wimer
Thomas and Rose Winkels
Douglas Winn and Susan Moore
Marilyn Wirtz
Joseph and Michelle Witchger
Susan Witzke
Thomas* and Michelle Woessner
James and Mary Wold
Charles and Joan Young
Mary and Gerald Young
Richard and Theresa Yzermans
Joan Zak
Timothy Zensen
Eric and Colleen Zilley
Gregory and Sylvia Zinn
Susan Znameroski
Michael and Terese Zwolski

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Legacy Society

Anonymous (28)
K. Rosemary Albrecht
Rosalie Alden
Danese Anderson
David and Joan Anderson
Eileen Anderson
Jean Andrews
Stephen and Sharon Bachman
David Baden
Mathurin Bahoule
Kathleen Just-Bannigan and Brendan Bannigan
Henry Baron
Ervin and Beverly Barrett
John Bassett, Jr.
John and Sally Battaiola
David and Nancy Baune
Robert and Victoria Beech
David and Marilyn Benson
John Benzian
Stephen and Alice Berestka
Norbert and Marilyn Berg
Jon and Stephanie Bergquist
Richard and Cathleen Bernard
Chris and Kathy Bickes
Gary and Linda Blanchard
Judy Blaseg and John Engelen
Lorraine Blaylock
Sheri and David Blesener
Marilyn Blomquist
Raymond and Karen Bodnar
David and Shari Boehnen
Joseph and Patricia Boland
Donna Bonello
Ellen Bouslough
Mary Brady
Michael and Deborah Braun
Jane Brenny
David and Kay Bromelkamp
Richard Brunning
Maryann Bucko
Delores Buller
Delphine Burns
Elaine Butler
Barbara Byrne
Sally Carey
Suzanne Carpenter
Sarah Cassidy
Charles and Terry Chism
Leo Chlebeck
Gary Clark
Lorraine Clarke
Richard Condon
Mary Ann Corbey
Carol Cosgrove
Lila Cotten
Duane and Kathleen Crosland
Colleen Curran
J. Michael and Kim M. Dady
Judith Dawes
Paul and Paula Deakins
Jean DeCoster
Patricia Deiman
Camillo and Lois DeSantis
Mary DesRoches
Valeria Deutsch
Robert Devereaux
Ronald DeVriendt
Jean Dexheimer
Orville Dietel
Deacon Thomas and Betty Dolan
Mary and Ernest Dorn, III
Mary Claire Doyle
Frances Dranginis
Jay Dudding
Jeanne Dufault
Michael Dunford
Dianne Elfstrand
Bob and Beth Elfstrand
Constance Erdmann and Timothy White
Mae Ertelt
Ted Estrem
David and Lynn Evinger
Genevieve Feltl
Rodger and Janie Finke
Patrick and Arlene Finley
James Fiorentino
Hugh Fischer
Maureen and Patrick Flahaven
Dennis and Toni Flaherty
Paula Fluck
Kathleen Flynn Fox and Christopher Fox
Frank and Rose Fondell
Guy Formichella
Beverly Fredrickson
Carol Frenette
Eugene and Mary Frey
Reverend Francis Fried
Lenore Fries
James Fuenffinger
Thomas and Janan Gainor
Patricia Gandolfo
Thomas and Gayle Gates
Julie and Michael Gerend
Shirley and Jerome Gerlach
John Paul Gillen
Steven and Lori Gilles
Doris Gish
Paul and Annette Goff
Richard Goldstrand
Allen and Jean Gorell
Alice Mae Graner
Jeanette Granger
R. Jean Gray
Richard Graziano
Robert Gren
Eileen Grundman
Jerome and Elvira Grundmayer
Jerome Hackenmueller
William and Geraldine Hagg
Irene Hall
Katherine Hall
David and Judy Hallett
Bruce Hansen and Brighid Holman Hansen
Henry and Ellen Hanten
Richard Hardes
Winnifred Harstad
Claire Hartley
Robert and Mary Harvey
Father Robert Hazel
Harriet Hazzard
Lona and John Healam
Philip and Maureen Heasley
Dennis and Angie Heigl
Philomena Hesse
Mildred Heyer
Richard Hodne
Jim and Eiko Hoffman
Jerome and Mary Ann Hoffman
Mary Hogan-Schiltgen
Kim Hollenbeck
Patricia and Thomas Holloran
Bonnie Holtzman
Paul Holzemer
Robert Hooper
Richard Huberty
Marc Hugunin and Alice Pepin
John and RoseMary Hunt
Clarence and Bernice Hynes
Carolyn Irrgang
Richard Iverson
Mark Jarboe and Patricia Kovel-Jarboe
Robert Jarvis
Jon and Colleen Jasken
Katherine Jilk
Ronald and Marita John
Celeste Johns
Clement Kachelmyer
Donald and Mary Kain
Reverend Lawrence Keller
Doris Kelley
Mary and Dennis Kelly
Laurence and Suzy Hager-Kennedy
Mary Kay Kennedy
Roger and Patricia Kerber
Beverly Kessler
Thomas Kestner
Marvin and Diane Kiffmeyer
Laura King
Jo Ann Klein
Victor and Kathleen Klimoski
Robert and Mary Kluck
Donald and Jeanne Knauer
David and Barbara Koch
John Kokesh
James and Charlotte Kouri
Luella Koziol
Eugene and Helen Kuehn
Susanne Kueppers
Kathryne Kuhns
Donna Jean Kulas
Gregory and Marianne Kulka
Kim Kurtz
Margaret Kuznia
Pat Lamb
Leonette Lanners
Florence Larkin
Lloyd and Jean Laumann
Margaret Laurent
Robert and Jean Lawson
John and Michelle LeBlanc
Joyce LeMay
Mary Lindemann
Marcia Lowe
Michele Lund
Rosemary and Elroy Lundberg
Thomas and Barbara Lynch
Jon MacDonald
Maureen Mack
Bernice Maehren
Rev. Ambrose Mahon
Renee Malinski
Patricia Maloney
Doreen Martin
Paul and Linda Martodam
Elsie Matthews
Darlene and John Maxwell
Helen Mayer
Joseph McCormick
William and Virginia McDonald
Hugh McElroy
Lawrence and Andrea McGough
Thomas and Susan McGuire
John and Theresa McKeon
William Scherer and Brigid McSherry-Scherer
Lawrence and Janice Merck
Alice Meyer
Gerald and Kathleen Meyer
Phyllis Meyer
Bill and Jane Minge
Mary Misica
Lillian Mitchell
Robert and Sharon Moeller
Edward and Mary Murray
Joan Murray
Patrick R. Nedeau
Scott and Barbara Nelson
George and Ann Nemanich
Merritt Nequette and Pauline Lambert
Arthur Neuman
Ann Newman
F. Gerald and Monica Nilles
Charles and Karilyn Norton
Edith Nowicki
James and Loretta Nuessle
Reuel and Mary Nygaard
Geraldine O'Donnell
Chuck and Evelyn Pallas
Tina and Mike Palmer
Robert and Rita Peichel
Marlene Pinten
Steven and Peggy Polacek
Reverend Francis Pouliot
David Prem
Dorothy Raetz Kunze
William Reichert
Ronald and Patricia Reinardy
Phil and Judy Riley
Monika and Robert Rivers
Carol Rodakowski
Zita Rohlfing
Martin and Laura Roller
Liane A. Rosel
Catherine M. Ryan
James and Barbara Sarazin
Calvin Sass
Robert and Kathleen Sather
George and Sandra Scalia
Donald Schaust and Jo-Nell Schaust
Thomas Schnettler and Cheryl Appeldorn
Jeanine Schoen
Laura Schommer
Louise Schroeder
Patricia and Leroy Schwartz
Lawrence and Susan Seckinger
Regis and Ruth Seidenstricker
Timothy and Lou Anne Sexton
Jane Shanard
David Shea
William Sias
Michael and Adrienne Sirany
Agnes Skelton
Rev. Stanley Sledz
Daniel and Lana Sloan
Patricia Smith
Rev. Larry Snyder
James Sorensen
Mary Sovis
David Sporer
Jack and Nan Steger
Mary Jane Steinhagen and Robert Veitch
Florian Sterner
Nicholas and Rosemary Stevens
Anne Stocks
Mark and Joan Strobel
Thomas and Mary Ann Sullivan
John and Nancy Swanholm
Connie Swarthout
Ronald and Carol Swenson
Bernice Tacheny
Susan Tasa
John and Michele Tauer, Jr.
Eugenia Taylor
Margaret Taylor
Ethelyn Tellers
John and Patricia Thomas
Becky Thorson and Joe Donnelly
William and Eldean Tingerthal
Roger and Marlys Toogood
John and Bonnie Treacy
Jeffry and Nancy Twidwell
Cecile Vavricka
Joseph and Margaret Veilleux
Lucian Vorpahl
Sara Walch
Lois Wallner
Rosemary Walsh
Marcella Wartman
Gerald Weber
Irma Weber
Marilynn Weber
Mildred Wesely
Thomas and Gloria Wesely
Edward Wicklund
Ellroy Wildhaber
Richard and Lucy Wilhoit
Mary Ann Williams
Charles Wiser, Jr.
Paul Wrobel
Geraldine Zachmann
Patricia Zajac
Richard Zarneke
Victor Ziolkowski, Jr.
Susan Znameroski

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Legacy Society - Deceased in 2013/2014

Roger Altman
Rose Deutschman
Juneal Dyrhaug
Robert Gray
Eleanor Hansen
Marie Hanson
Mark Krause
Marie Lorenz
Joseph McCarthy
Audrey McKenzie
Barbara Novak
Elizabeth Schaefer
Leonard Walsh
Albert Wesely
Robert Western

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Catholic Charities Staff Donors

Karen Kuhn
Pamela J. Aho
Ana Ashby
Mary T. Bachman
Rebecca Bachman
Kristen Barlow
Joyce Bartels
Mark Bauer
Alicia Bauers
Gregg Bell
Carol Bentley
Tracy Berglund
Melea Blanchard
Norrie Brumm
Mary F. Butler
Jodie Butwinick
Jana Curiel
Christiana V. Czarnowski
Paul Deakins
Maria Del Carmen Leal
Kathy Dougherty
Timothy A. Eiesland
Marie O. Ellis
Carol Engstrom
Linda Ericson
Jean Fagerstrom
Robert Forman
Jessica Foster
Lisa Geehan
Emilia Godinez
Carmen Gonzalez
Jean Gregg
Berit Gudmestad
Lynda Haemig
Ginny Haider
Adrienne Hannert
Lois Hegland
Ixia Helmueller
Sandra Hestness
Dwayne Hicks
Mary Huss
Julia Jenson
Mary K. Jerome
Richard Johnson
Damont Jones
June Jordan
Steven Kearney
Monica King
Laurie Koltes
Sharon Kosel
Keith Kozerski
Phethile Kunene
Mary Langfeldt
Gina Licari
Jonathan Lindquist
Timothy Marx
Patricia McArdle
Jacquelyn McDaniel
Theodore M. McMillan
David Meyer
Hayley Mueller
Christi Neaton
Meredith Nguyen
Shyla J. Nickens
Kyle Nolan
Kimberly Osborn
Tina Palmer
Anthony D. Parrish
Ieshia Powell
Mary Preeshl
Michael Radcliffe
Eliot Ricciardelli
Eric Richert
Laurie O. Schley
Kathleen Searls
Mailee Singhathip
Daniel Sloan
Pamela Snell
Jessica Sorensen
Marjorie Spagl
Mary Ann Sullivan
Kathy Tomlin
Kathy Treece
Kathleen Turner
Umo Udo
Diana Vance-Bryan
May Vang
Lashonda Washington
Lisa Welch
Jessica Welsh
Heather Workman
Rodney Zufall

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Inkind Donors $1,000+

Eileen Anderson
Sandy Berg
Cindy Campbell-Lashley
Alexander Carlson
Helen and Steve Chambers
Mary Anne Cummings
Janet Delvoye
Lisa Denzer
William and Joanne Edlefsen
Taryn Ellis
Bernie and Lois Engran
Jean Fagerstrom
Mahad Farah
William and Barbara Gabler
Liz Gerner
Kyle Gillespie
Gwen Granquist
Marcille Groenke
Mary Hardy
Hoff and Mary Heiberg
Sean Hershey
Joseph and Theresa Inserra
Ted Johnson
Bennett Jones
Melissa Lewis
Ed Lotterman
Scott and Barbara Nelson
Scott Noble
Patricia Olson
Erik Pederson
Steven and Therese Quigley
Timothy and Jennifer Regan
Thomas Richie
Steven Roecklein
Janet Schumacher
Patrice Siefert
Ryan and Sarah Solberg
Nichole Sommerhauser
Katheryn Strong
Jan Sweet
Paula Trapp
Sue Weber
Jessica Welsh

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Organizations $1,000+

$250,000 +

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
Otto Bremer Foundation
Catholic Services Appeal Foundation
Target Foundation
$50,000- 249,000 - ($50,000.00 + )
Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
Catholic Charities USA
General Mills Foundation
GHR Foundation
Lake Region Medical
Lenzmeier Family Foundation
Margaret Rivers Fund
The McKnight Foundation
The Saint Paul Foundation
Thrivent Financial Foundation
U.S. Bancorp


AgriBank, FCB
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
Charlson Foundation
Church of the Assumption
CID, Inc.
Alfred A. Iversen and Family Foundation
Kinney Family Foundation
NFC Foundation
Opus Foundation
Ray Edwards Memorial Trust
Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund


Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America
Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation
Arrow Tank and Engineering Co.
The Gordon & Margaret Bailey Foundation
The Edward R. Bazinet Foundation
The Bentson Foundation
Boston Scientific Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Dolores Buril Foundation
Buuck Family Foundation
W. G. Christianson Foundation
Ecolab Foundation
Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation, Inc.
F. R. Bigelow Foundation
The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation
Flaherty Family Foundation
Frels Family Foundation
Gilligan Foundation
Grant Thornton
HealthEast Foundation
Hugh J. Andersen Foundation
Kopp Family Foundation
Lametti & Sons, Inc.
Loffler Companies
Mardag Foundation
The Joe Mauer Foundation
Michael V. and Ann C. Ciresi Foundation
Alice M. O'Brien Foundation
R. C. Lilly Foundation
Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation
Remick Family Foundation
Sauer Children's Renew Foundation
Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
Stevens Square Foundation
Stronge Family Foundation
Therese Foundation
Turner Family Foundation
Walk for Hunger
Welsh Family Foundation
Xcel Energy Foundation


Abbot Downing
Caldrea Company
Cities 97 FM-KTCZ Radio
CliftonLarsonAllen Wealth Advisors, LLC
Driscoll Foundation
Eagle Mouldings
Frerichs Construction
G&K Services Foundation
Goff Public, Inc.
Hardenbergh Foundation
The Head Family Foundation
HealthPartners - Corporate Integrity Department
Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota
James B. Linsmayer Foundation Trust
Leonette M. & Fred T. Lanners Foundation
Peter and Dorothy Lapp Foundation
Love and Life Architects
M. A. Mortenson Company
Marbrook Foundation
McGough Companies
Nelson, Tietz and Hoye
OneBeacon Charitable Trust
The Patch Foundation
Piper Jaffray Foundation
Polaris Foundation
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
The John F. Rooney Family Charitable Foundation
Scanlan International
The Scherber Family Foundation
SeQuel Response
Service Ideas, Inc
St. Anthony of Padua's Friends
Target Corporation
Turnaround Management Association - Upper Midwest Chapter
University of St. Thomas
Womack Family Foundation


Adolfson & Peterson, Inc.
Burg Golf Tournament
Cannon Family Foundation
Catholic Community Foundation (CCF)
Church of St. John the Baptist
Church of St. Timothy
Cottrell Law Firm, P.A.
Donlar Construction
Ellwood Associates
Galliard Capital Management
Hays Companies
Hoglund Body & Equipment, Inc.
IWCO Direct
The Greg Jennings Foundation
Kiwanis Club of Minneapolis
Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
The Longview Foundation
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Merchant and Gould
The Minneapolis Foundation
Parishes of Saints Joachim and Anne
PNC Foundation
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
RBC Wealth Management
Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi
Salo, LLC
Sit Investment Associates, Inc.
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
St. John the Evangelist Church
T2 Commercial Cleaning, LLC
Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Union Pacific Foundation
Wells Fargo Corporation
WJS Consulting Group
Xcel Energy


Agape Foundation
Alatus LLC
Aljon Tool, Inc.
Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc.
Autumn Rieks Foundation
Baillon Family Foundation, Inc.
Bituminous Roadways Inc.
Briggs & Morgan Foundation
Briggs and Morgan
BWBR Foundation
Campbell Family Foundation
Carlson Hospitality Worldwide Procurement Group, Inc.
Cermak Rhoades Architects
Church of St. Joseph
Church of St. Wenceslaus
College of St. Benedict
Comcast Foundation
Counselor Holding, Inc.
Cretin Derham Hall High School
The Demo Group
Dwyer Sales Company, Inc.
Eaglemaster, Inc.
EJBW Venture, LLP
Enterprise Management Solutions Inc.
Felhaber Larson
Greystone Foundation
Humboldt Family Foundation
Hutter Family Foundation
Hydraulic Component Services, Inc.
J Foundation
J.J. Taylor Distributing Company of Minnesota, Inc
Jeane Thorne, Inc.
Thomas S. Kemp Foundation, Inc.
King Family Foundation
Leamington Co.
Lindquist & Vennum P.L.L.P.
Marsh & McLennan Agency
Joe Miller Insurance Agency, Inc.
Morelli's Discount Liquor, Meats & Italian Market, Inc.
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.
Nativity Church and School
Oakdale Communications Solutions
Oppenheimer, Wolff, and Donnelly
Piper Jaffray
Power Dynamics, Inc.
Premier Bank
Schlagel, Inc.
Securian Financial Group, Inc.
Southwest Securities Inc.
St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community
St. John's Abbey Office of the Abbott
St. John's University
St. Patrick's Association, Inc.
Stroh Family Foundation
Swanson & Youngdale, Inc.
TriMax Direct
H. E. and Helen R. Warren Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Funding Council/Wells Fargo Fdn MN
Widows Mite Foundation

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Churches and Congregations $1,000+

Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis
Catholic Services Appeal Foundation of St. Paul & Mpls
Church of St. John the Baptist
Church of St. Joseph
Church of St. Timothy
Church of St. Wenceslaus
Church of the Assumption
Nativity Church and School
Parish of Saints Joachim and Anne
St. Bartholomew Catholic Faith Community
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
St. John the Evangelist Church

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Matching Gift and Workplace Campaigns

Abbott Laboratories Employee Giving Campaign
Able Banking
Advance Cares
AgriBank, FCB
Alliant Techsystems, Inc. Employee Giving
Allina Health Systems
Allstate Giving Campaign
America's Charities
American Endowment Foundation
Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program
Ameriprise Financial Employee Giving Campaign
Aon Foundation
Aramark United Way Giving Campaign
AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign
Bank of America United Way Campaign
Best Buy PAC Match Program
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Boston Scientific Employee Giving Program
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation
Carl and Eloise Pohlad Family Foundation
Catholic Charities USA
The Clorox Company Foundation
Community Health Charities - MN
Community Shares of Minnesota
Conwed Global Netting Solutions
CSI Communications Systems, Inc.
Dorsey & Whitney Employee Giving
Ecolab Matching Gifts
Employees Charity Organization of Northrop Grumman
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Foundation
The Mike and Linda Fiterman Family Foundation
GE Foundation
GE United Way Campaign
General Mills Employee Campaign
Give with Liberty
Greater Twin Cities United Way
The Hershey Company United Way Campaign
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Honeywell International Charity Matching
IBM Corporation Employee Campaign
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
ING Employee Giving Campaign
Intuit Foundation
KPMG Involve Community Campaign
Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren, Ltd.
LexisNexis Cares
Liberty Diversified International
Macy's Bloomingdale's
The McKnight Foundation
Merck Partnership For Giving
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Mile High United Way
Morgan Stanley
Northern Lights Combined Federal Campaign
Nuveen Investments, Inc.
Pfizer Foundation
Piper Jaffray Employee Giving Program
Plan For Life
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Prudential Community Giving Program
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
RBC Foundation - USA
Red Wing Shoe Company Foundation
Securian Foundation
TE Connectivity Matching Gift Program
Tennant Foundation
The Private Bank and Trust Company
Thomson Reuters
Thrivent Financial Foundation
The Travelers Foundation
Travelers Foundation Matching Gifts Program
U.S. Bancorp Foundation Employee Giving
UBS Employee Giving Program
United Way of Bergen County
United Way of Cass-Clay, Inc.
United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut
United Way of Central Indiana
United Way of Central Maryland
United Way of Greater Atlanta
United Way of Greater Kansas City
United Way of Greater Milwaukee
United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey
United Way of Greater Toledo
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
United Way of North Central MA, Inc.
United Way of Northern New Jersey
United Way of the Capital Region
United Way of the Greater Triangle
United Way of Washington County East
UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Campaign
Verizon Foundation
VOYA Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Xcel Energy Employee Giving
Xcel Energy Foundation
YourCause, LLC

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Organization InKind Donors $1,000+

7 Corners Printing
Allina Health Systems
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.
Bethel Lutheran Church
Bull Run Roasting Co.
Bundles of Love
Captain Ken's Firehouse Beans
Cargill Kitchen Solutions
Carondelet Catholic School
Chipotle Mexican Grill
The Church of St. Edward
Church of St. John the Baptist
Church of St. Patrick
Church of St. Thomas the Apostle
Church of St. Timothy
Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Coca Cola Refreshments
Cub Foods
Curb Masters, Inc.
Dady & Garner P.A.
Dairy Queen
Dell Comm, Inc.
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Famous Dave's
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Filo Productions Inc.
First Lutheran Church
Glad Creations
Haskell's Liquor The Wine People
Holy Family Catholic Church
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Jim Rafferty Sales Inc.
Kowalski's Lyndale Market
Land O' Lakes
Lloyd's Barbecue Company
Mary Queen Of Peace
Mayflower Congregational Church
Mill Valley Kitchen
Minnesota Quilters, Inc
Minnesota Twins
New Season Church
Olive Garden
Peoples Electrical Contractors
Piper Jaffray
Rainbow Foods
Red Lobster
Resurrection Lutheran Church
River Valley Church
Roseville Bakery
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Saint Maron Catholic Church of Minneapolis
Second Harvest Heartland
Seneca Food Corporation
Sexton Printing
Southern Anoka Community Assistance
St. Anthony Park Lutheran Church
St. Edward Church Sunday Group
St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
St. Johns Hospital
St. Patrick School
St. Thomas The Apostle Church
Sysco Incorporated
Target Corporation
The Basilica of St. Mary
Time Well Spent - Nick Kozlak Group
Toro Foundation
Trader Joe's
Transfiguration Catholic Church
U of M Athletics
U.S. Bancorp
W.W. Johnson Meat Co.
Watertown SD Catholic Youth Group
Westminister Presbyterian Church
Women's Athletic Department, U of M

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