Leadership Development for Parish Social Justice Groups

The parish leadership development program is designed for parish teams committed to the long-term, sustainable integration of the Church’s social mission into the life of their parish.  There are three components of the program. Each of these components is a facilitated process built upon methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs. The components emphasize creative, strategic, consensus-based decision-making.


Forming A Leadership Group

Increase the confidence, competence and commitment of your justice team through the formation of a learning community.
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Strategic Planning Workshop

After forming as a learning community, the justice group will participate in a facilitated strategic planning process.
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Implementation Process

Once the team has completed the strategic planning phase of their leadership development, they will participate in an implementation workshop.
The parish team will create a practical, quarter by quarter plan of what they will accomplish in this first year to move in the direction of integrating the social mission.
OSJ will provide ongoing support for your team as you work through your implementation. Support includes progress reviews and help in making adjustments to plans.
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Parishes at Work:Sharing Parish Issues, Strategies, Contact Info

We are many parts yet all one body.  Our body of people working to create opportunities in parishes to help others become aware, educated, and act for justice is made up of volunteers, just like you. Your time is precious. Sometimes hearing what others have done can spark an idea for you to try in your own parish.  Or, you've created a process that really engaged a lot of folk and you'd like to tell others about it.  Watch for Social Justice Meet updates/times/places to connect with others, or send us your ideas

Association of Social Justice Staff (ASJS)

What is ASJS? ASJS is a professional organization, formed in 1994 for parish staff, paid and unpaid, who have social justice responsibilities at their parish.
ASJS is a member of the Coalition for Ministries of the Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis.  
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Office for Social Justice Parish Social Justice

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